Working towards a bright future

It is possible.

Business as a force for good

Soly was founded in 2013 with one goal: to make solar energy available to everyone. We are tackling the challenges of the energy transition to enable all of us to enjoy affordable, climate-neutral and decentralised energy.

We are proud of those thousands of Solyans who are already making Europe more sustainable with us, but of course our goal is to have an even bigger green impact. And that's why we need you!

At Soly, you will be part of a team of ambitious colleagues, from sales and marketing to customer service. Our hard-working teams install dozens of solar energy solutions per week throughout Europe. Together with your colleagues, you will make a real difference and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Are you ready to commit to a meaningful and sustainable mission every day? Explore our job openings today and who knows, perhaps we'll have the pleasure of welcoming you to our office soon!

24 Vacation Days

24 vacation days on a full-time basis.
Because you deserve a good holiday.

Volunteering Days

16 hours of volunteering leave per year.
To give back a little.


A laptop of your choice (Mac or PC), noise-cancelling headphones & modern workstation

New Location

You are involved in the construction of our new branch in Italy

Soly Socials

Free beer and fun socials to celebrate our successes.


Rent or buy solar panels at a discounted price for your own home.

Energy Transition

Positive Impact

Future Focused

Bright Future Ahead

We are a B Corp

Each year, thousands of new Solyans make the transition to solar energy through our services. This not only results in a substantial sustainable footprint but also establishes a significant ripple effect on the planet and numerous stakeholders, whether directly or indirectly involved.

As a certified B Corp, we are dedicated to making every effort to ensure that this impact, spanning our customers, employees, factory workers, the environment, and all areas we touch, remains unequivocally positive. 

Being B Corp is hard work, but ensures that we are always critical of ourselves and bring out the best in Soly. We set high standards for ourselves, as you can read in our Climate Action Report, but it's is precisely those challenges that energise us.

Mission and Vision 


Making solar energy available to everyone

We do everything within our power to make solar energy widely accessible to everyone. We do this by offering a wide range of solutions and products.


The sun as a primary source of energy

Like the earth, Soly follows two principles of motion: not only do we rotate around our own axis and optimise our own business, we also revolve around the sun, and care for the world and people around us.


Positive, value-driven and inclusive

We prefer to think in solutions, and we play and win as a team. We pursue our ideals with a commitment to sustainability and diversity. We create an open work environment where everyone is welcome.